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Continuity Service

We provide dedicated service to assist our clients in supporting their brands at retail. We work to provide immediate and tangible results on every call. Our basic service includes the correction of out-of-stocks, count adjustments, and retrieving work product from the back run.

Design Service

Our company’s award-winning design team is experienced in designing vehicles that enhance our clients’ products presentation at retail point-of-purchase (POP). Our graphics, fixtures, headers, displays and shelf talkers can be found in retailers throughout the US.

In-store Product Demos and Sales

We produce point-of-purchase (POP) materials for in-store demos and the associated labor to provide information to the consumer.

Planogram Development

We can produce planograms as needed for various product segments and individual brands for effective at-retail execution. We are well versed in Spaceman and other traditional systems.

Product Resets and Updates

We work as service ambassadors at the individual store level to carefully complete planogram resets and updates. We provide all of the traditional services: precall, reset, labeling, product placement, UPC/price tag updates and store verification.

Surge Support

We enable our clients to be able to react to immediate issues with as little as one week of lead-time. This provides our clients with the ability to ramp up to address critical retail issues and short-term opportunities.

Service for Surge and Continuity Programs

Our surge and continuity programs are highly customizable and can include all of the following aspects:

– Retail inventory management
– Retail brand support
– Retail sales: store orders and updates
– Brand support: product and store signage graphics
– Brand compliance
– Retail set-up: categories, fixtures, and gondolas
– Retail intelligence: pricing, competitive activity, store and inventory management
– New product launches